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Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is the form of treatment that usually comes to mind when people think of having a massage. This style of massage involves rhythmical strokes and kneading actions applied to the body to ease tension, release tight muscles and lower stress levels. When applied correctly, it can be powerful and deeply relaxing. 

The muscles are worked smoothly and extensively by warming up and stretching the tissues, this facilitates an unwinding and release of tension. It is beneficial for muscular complaints, reducing stress and increasing a general feeling of well-being.

The controlled use of the following techniques produces an extremely powerful and enjoyable massage which is safe and effective for people of all ages. 

These techniques are often incorporated into other types of massage and are usually used to form a base from which more remedial work can be initiated. 

When performed together they produce a wonderfully deep full body Swedish massage.


Swedish massage is an exceptionally enjoyable therapy; having both physiological and psychological benefits this treatment is good for both mind and body. It is of particular benefit for stress related problems such as insomnia, tension, muscular aches and pains, backache, depression, and anxiety. The less negative stress we have the better our immune system is able to function and is therefore stronger to fight off every day illnesses and bugs.

If you book a Swedish Massage here are some of the techniques I will use


Effleurage is a gentle gliding technique I use to spread the massage oil on your skin, warming up the tissues, relieving congestion and soothing the nerves. I also employ these long, even pressure strokes when I am moving from one area of your body to the next.



Once your body tissues are warmed up a bit, I will start to work a little deeper by using a rhythmical kneading action called petrissage on the muscles of your body. This will help to loosen and release any muscle knots and thereby start to reduce your muscle tension. This technique is great for stimulating the nerves, promoting the functional activity of the skin, accelerating the venous and lymphatic circulation and increasing the absorption and elimination processes of the soft tissues of your body.



Working with the above techniques I will start to feel if you have any areas that may be holding tighter, more stubborn restrictions. I can now concentrate a little more on these areas using small circular or cross fibre friction movements, focusing on areas where your muscle fibres feel stuck or adhered to the tissues around them. The cross fibre friction will loosen these areas, freeing up adherent skin, superficial fascia and any old scar tissue that may be present.



This rhythmic tapping and hacking movement of the hands is employed to stimulate your tired muscles and to encourage vitality through the chosen areas. It promotes nutrition and aids in the development of wasted muscles by stimulating the nervous system.


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