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Slavic Massage


Slavic Massage is an ancient style of massage that has long been practised by the nomadic people from the Pacific to the Baltic. It has since spread to the West from Central Asia and Eastern Europe but has its roots firmly in the Lake Baikal and Altai Mountain regions.


Life was very demanding for the nomadic people so they used this massage treatment daily on each other and also on their horses, on which their lives were so dependant. It is one of the purest, oldest and most classical forms of aromatherapy and was brought to the UK by Jan Kusmirek, a leading aroma therapist. With such ancient roots Slavic Massage is reported to be the nearest form of treatment we have today, that mirrors that of an original and true aromatherapy treatment

During a Slavic Massage the therapists’ energy and connection with the client is of the utmost importance. The focus of this treatment is about support, communication through touch, intuition and duality of movement. The specific Slavic Massage techniques focus on graceful movement, flow, gentle stretching of the soft tissues of the body and the mobilisation of the joints. From the fluidity of movement the client may almost feel as if the therapist is gently dancing around their body and the treatment couch, creating an almost hypnotic sensation for the recipient.


This style of massage is about inducing deep relaxation, lightening the senses, restoring balance and poise and through doing so, helping to initiate a transformation of the body and mind. During the massage treatment hot aromatic oils are liberally applied to the body, helping to further heighten the senses.

Slavic Massage also has a positive effect on all of the bodily systems via its calming influence on the sympathetic nervous system and stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. The specific techniques applied incorporate massage to both the back and front of the body, so a Slavic Massage fully represents a wonderful whole-body, de-stressing treatment.

What happens during a Slavic Massage?

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